Instagram Effect: Facebook Modifies App Data Reporting

Facebook will stop reporting daily active user stats for their apps which includes Instagram after Instagram was reported as losing 24% daily active users.

Last month, Instagram saw a massive drop of over 24% in daily active users. This drop was surprising for a couple of things. First it was because Instagram was growing like never before with 100 million users. Second reason for the surprise was that it was the holiday season, that is when people share photos of family, friends, gatherings and holidays.

The data for Instagram was actually based on the data provided by Facebook. The reason Instagram could have lost some of it’s user is the privacy policy being updated. The new policy was Instagram giving themselves the permission to use photos taken by users. This did start a massive backlash against Instagram, because of which they rolled-back the new privacy policy changes.

Facebook Modifies App Data to Avoid Future Embarrassments

Facebook_logo.pngFacebook first stopped reporting public app data for Instagram. They have stopped third parties from tracking Instagram usage. Now they have announced changes to its app data metrics itself in a blog post.

Now Facebook reports ranking of the apps instead of actually traffic. This is actually more in-line with how say Google Play shows app downloads but showing only approximate downloads and not actually app downloads.

Is Instagram ailing?

instagramI am not sure if Instagram is ailing or users are losing interest. My experience is showing that I tend to see a lot less Instagram photos in my Twitter and Facebook feed.

Ofcourse that is not hard scientific data but it does suggest that people are not as enamored by the service as they were before they became a part of Facebook.

Are you using Instagram as much as before? Do let us know in your comments.