Microsoft Ad Campaign Calls IE “The Browser You Loved to Hate”

Internet Explorer has steadily lost out in the battle of the browsers. Yes, it is still the most used browser but that is mainly because it is the default browser on the most popular Operating System. Chrome in recent years has become increasingly popular and the general reputation of Internet Explorer has taken a nose dive over the past few years..

Microsoft has finally accepted this fact and calls Internet Explorer “The Browser You Loved to Hate“. 🙂

While accepting their previous versions were not up to the mark, they are pitching Internet Explorer 9 as a decent browser.

Microsoft’s New Advertisement for Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has a new Ad poking fun at a guy who hated Internet Explorer all his life but now has become a fan of new Internet Explorer 9. The advertisement is pretty bad and not really funny enough. I think it might actually make more people avoid the browser than use it (See video below).

There are some gems in Internet Explorer 9 like pinning a website to the taskbar which cannot be done with Chrome or Firefox. But Chrome and Firefox does allow making applications of a website which can be pinned to the Windows Taskbar. 😉

What are your views on Internet Epxlorer 9? Have you checked it out? Do you find yourself quitting Chrome or Firefox? Also what did your think about that advertisement by Microsoft? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Browser you love to hate

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Sagar March 20, 2012

Good they realized, why IE sucks but those using Chrome and Firefox will think a 1000 times before switching to IE. IE9 is good but also has problems and crashes frequently when compared to Chrome and FF. IE10 is better browser and may be the game changer for Microsoft but it has a long way to go until Windows 8 arrives.

Rahul Bansal March 20, 2012

Nice post! testing

Debarshi March 24, 2012

According to me IE is the worst browser I have ever used. It is also the heaviest and slowest internet browser available. I personally prefer FF. I agree that Chrome is lighter than FF and faster too but still I use FF.

Aditya Kane March 24, 2012

@Debarshhi: I think IE’s image has taken a big beating but the browser (IE9) is not as bad. But I agree it will take a lot more than a advertisment for me to give up on Chrome.

Richard March 26, 2012

Lately, with Firefox on this ridiculous release schedule, ive been leaning away from it more and more. Firefox says its the best way to keep up with the times, but I find it as more of a nuisance than anything, i have no use for anything that needs updating every 2 days.

IE has definitely made some improvements, but it still cant compare to the stability of chrome, or the addon market of Firefox.

At the moment, I cant say that any browser really has the leading edge for those of us who want a customizable, stable, and consistent browser.