Create and Share Videos of One Year on Facebook with Microsoft App

Facebook is a big constant in our online social media life. Your comments and interactions with your friends and family members on Facebook, often speaks a lot about you as a person. A “year in the Like” is a online app, that allows you to look back at a whole year on Facebook, taking into account your Likes, comments and photos you shared.

“A Year in the Like” Features

  • Visit the website and allow the app to work with your Facebook account. I found it trustworthy in the sense it is a tool created by Microsoft.
  • Look through what sort of updates you want to look through and also who you want this app to be visible for among your friends.
  • Your comments and likes start to roll out with the background being an image that you might have shared. All comments and likes are clickable and if done to a particular image, it loads up that image as the background.
  • Finally users can also easily create a ready-made video of your comments and photos. This video can then be shared with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Here is an app that allows you to look through the year with in status updates you make on Facebook.

Try out One Year in Likes and do drop in your comments and views.

Link: A Year in the Like


Vijesh March 21, 2012

That’s really a cool app for Facebook addicts who would love to see their Facebook time line as a video. But will this app allow us to modify or to delete any unwanted stuff which we don’t like to include in the video?

Aditya Kane March 21, 2012

You can make changes as in select or deselect some lists or friends on the app.

Sandy March 21, 2012

I tried this app and after logging in via facebook, it just shows me an empty page 🙁