Microsoft CEO Ballmer to Retire: A Forgettable Legacy

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire over the next 12 months from Microsoft. Unfortunately his legacy is a forgettable for taking its PC-Era success for granted and not changing with the times.

Steve Ballmer in an email to employees announced, that Microsoft will now decide on a new CEO over the next 12 months when he will retire. The transition will mark the end of an era. Steve Ballmer was one of the first few employees of the Microsoft and became a natural successor after Bill Gates stepped aside as CEO.

Steve Ballmer to retire

Ballmer’s Forgettable Legacy

Bill Gates though at times criticized for his style of management and for his strategic decisions, left a brilliant legacy. Microsoft under him had revolutionized the computer industry. Steve Ballmer unfortunately will remembered for a forgettable legacy as Microsoft boss.

Ballmer became the CEO in 2000 and presided over a decade of Microsoft disappointments. Microsoft under him, managed to not anticipate the rise products like the iPod and later under-estimated the mobile industry. It did not anticipate the rise of Google. Microsoft sat by watching the decline of Internet Explorer’s usage, the rise of the tablet with iPad, the rise of Android and the existentialist decay of Bing. Microsoft turned into a company of second best products.

It took the PC-era success for granted and lately its attempts with Windows 8 for PC, tablet and phone have not been upto the mark at all. There were some things that Microsoft did get right under Ballmer – like X-Box and maybe Windows 7. But quitting before it was too late might be the wisest thing Ballmer has done for his company.

Hopefully Microsoft will be able to salvage a sinking ship in time, under a new leader who is more attuned and comfortable with the realities of the post-PC era.

Link: Full Text of Steve Ballmer’s Email to employees