Root Checker : Check whether you have rooted your Android or not

Root checker is a free app that helps you to check whether you have rooted your Android device or not. The pro version gives more technical details.

Rooting an Android device gives the user control over the root access. A rooted Android device is completely different compared to the same Android device when it came out of the manufacturer’s box. With a rooted Android device, you can install root apps, custom ROMs like CyanogenMod and other types of recovery like ClockworkMod Recovery. There are rooting guides for various Android devices on the internet.

If you ever wanted to check whether you have rooted your Android device correctly, Root Checker is here to help you. It is available on the Google Play Store. It doesn’t require root access, that is, you can run that app even a non-rooted Android device.

How to Use Root Checker?

  • Download and install Root Checker from Google Play Store.
  • Agree to the Disclaimer message.
  • Root Checker will ask for SuperUser permissions. You can give the app SuperUser permissions.
  • Click the “Verify Root Access” button in that app to check whether your Android has root access. If yes, you’ll get a positive message. If your Android doesn’t have a root access, you’ll get a negative message.


There are two versions of this app, Root Checker Basic and Root Checker Pro. The pro version gives you more technical details about your Android’s root access. It gives your common su binary locations, SuperUser.apk location and version, user and group ID, environmental variables and a lot more. It is priced at $0.99 or 70 INR.

Link: Root Checker Basic | Root Checker Pro