Microsoft Files DMCA Takedown Notices for Links from CNN, BBC and Wikipedia

Microsoft routinely files DMCA take down requests with Google for copyright infringement. These links that Microsoft reports to Google run into millions of webpages. While many of these requests are legitimate, Microsoft seems to have made a huge gaffe in its latest take down requests. They have included links from some very reputed websites like Wikipedia, CNN, BBC and more.

If you check the DMCA filing on Chilling Effects, a web portal that states all the link in the DMCA filing. Just a simple text search revealed many links which have nothing to do with Microsoft. For example in the image below you can see a URL about the torch relay during the London Olympics on BBC was also included.

I doubt this has to do with Microsoft acting like a ‘evil villain’ as the incident is actually embarrassing for them. Many large companies like Microsoft use automated URL monitoring systems for filing DMCA takedown notices. This could be a case of certain filters not working and hence some very reputable sites being reported for content violation. Most of the URLs the list have the number ’45’ present in it.

Hopefully, Microsoft will be able to sort this out and not go after webpages which are legitimate.

Source: TorrentFreak


Ramkumar October 11, 2012

The list is totally irrelevant, I’m surprised to see Microsoft issuing this. Britain’s got talent and Dark knight rises ? Any idea on the number of such URL take down requests ?

Aditya Kane October 11, 2012

@Ramkumar: The total number of URL take downs are in their thousands as each page is listed not just a domain name.

Microsoft has made this gaffe possibly because they had a automated method of filing DMCA notices which did not function all that well. 😀