Webcam Toy lets you apply crazy filters to your photos

When it comes to Photography apps, Mobile clearly outdoes Desktop, that apparently is because smartphones are fit with much better cameras these days. Webcam Toy is one of those few apps which can make your webcam photos more fun.


It’s actually a Chrome app, but works offline. So it is no less than a native app. There are over 60 Instagram-like image filters and some funny camera effects.

The app of course needs access to your webcam, which you can authorize when Chrome prompts you. The process is a little different for Chromebooks, watch this YouTube tutorial for that.

After capturing photos, you can either download them or even share them on Facebook or Twitter.

As far as privacy is concerned, the app supposedly doesn’t record you and the photos are private until you actually share them.

Putting all this aside, there is something very cool about this app – this app doesn’t need any plugins to work, not even Flash or Java. This is achieved through new Chrome APIs that allows webapps to access microphones and webcams without a plugin.

Link: Webcam Toy