Microsoft Says “Goodbye Hotmail, Hello Outlook”

Microsoft has replaced Hotmail with Head over to and sign-up for a new account or sign-in with your existing Hotmail account.

The layout is new and different, with a focus on reducing spam and showing more relevant content.

Currently, it is in preview mode but soon Hotmail users will get prompted to make the move.

With, Microsoft has increased controls for managing newsletters, along with showing Twitter and Facebook updates within the layout itself. In other words it has recognized that a lot of personal communication happens on social networking more than email.’ s Design and Features

The new service has a neat design and with 360 million accounts, this could be a good reboot for them. More importantly for Microsoft, keep them away from Gmail.

I am quite impressed with the design and layout of the new email service. Microsoft has really done some out of the box thinking for coming up with this design. The design is consistent with their metro-styled Windows 8 layout design.

The social integration allows users to chat with Facebook friends, look up photos shared by contacts, all from the mail box.

The compose layout has minimalism, which is actually a great idea as it ends up being a distraction free environment while writing an email.

With the promise of Skype being integrated in the future, it might undercut Google’s plans for pushing Google+ Hangouts on Gmail.

Finally Microsoft is doing away with its old legacy of Live IDs. They will be replaced by Microsoft Accounts. These accounts by the way can be used to log into any Windows 8 device.

Which email service do you use? If you are using Gmail, would you migrate to Do drop in your comments.



Lakhyajyoti August 1, 2012

Yesterday I created a new account with and really like its design plus layout.Now Gmail has to think something unique.

Aditya Kane August 2, 2012

@Lakhyajyoti: Yes, Gmail will have to innovate on its UI and design. It’s later redesign was actually heavily criticised.

Yashwant August 2, 2012

I tried with my old live account. Theme and layout are good but the point is will it be able to attract users of other email services? I am addicted to gmail and won’t switch as of now..

Aditya Kane August 2, 2012

@Yashwant: I agree, that a better layout and theme will hardly attract me to make the move from Gmail to Outlook. But new sign-ups might end up using because of it’s social integration with Twitter and Facebook.