Hangouts for Gmail Users: Smartest Move for Google+

A lot my friends from the blogosphere consider Google+ a flop show. But despite the flop status, it enjoys a very popular service called Hangouts. Google+ Hangouts allows users to video chat with many users at the same time. Hangouts are popular on tablets and even mobile phones.

Google has announced that Hangouts for Gmail users. The roll-out should happen over the next few days.

Hangouts on Gmail

Google’s Smartest Move

It can be argued that Gmail is Google’s most successful social product. It is used extensively for video and voice chat. I use Gmail’s chat more often and regularly than Google+ to keep in touch with my friends.

Hangouts on Gmail, is a subtle way to get Gmail users get hooked to Google+.

It means you can now video chat with friends who are using a mobile phone or tablet and using the Google+ App even if you are using Gmail on your computer.

Google+ Hangouts has largely been seen as a fun product but it can be very a crucial product for offices, especially if they are on Google Apps. With Hangout Apps users can share desktop screens or work on a Google Doc while collaborating in teams.

With Hangouts being made available with Gmail, expect it to turn the heat up on Skype.

Do you think Hangouts for all Gmail users will give Google+ a boost? Do drop in your comments.

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Sibin August 1, 2012

Microsoft and Google , both companies are moving same direction.Yesterday Microsoft launch new outlook site with integrated skype , Google bring Hangout to Gmail. There may be big competitions and lot more products