Microsoft Security Essentials: Its free but will it be useful?

ms_security_essentialsTomorrow Microsoft will launch Security Essentials a free security software suite which has been under development for over a year.

This has been hailed as a replacement of Windows Live OneCare which has been discontinued since June 2009.

Some basics of Microsoft Security Essentials

  • Microsoft calls Security Essentials a basic Anti-Virus, anti-spyware program for protecting the computer. It will be available for XP, Vista and Windows 7.
    It is a 4.7 MB download.
  • First security software by Microsoft which is stand alone.
  • It consumes less memory and disk space than other security software solutions like the ones from McAfee and Symantec.
  • Security Essentials does not have a firewall hence users will have to seek other solutions in case they want a firewall.

What next?

  • Some analysts think Microsoft is directly challenging companies like McAffee and Symantec by allowing a free security suite. Compared to Microsoft’s lack of expertise and experience with security software suites it seems unrealistic.
  • This may not really affect paid security software giants like McAffee and Symantec but might pose a challenge for other companies giving out free anti-virus options like AVG.
  • Microsoft and Symantec are sharing intelligence about security threats and information with each other on Windows platforms for better security collaboration. Symantec might want to stop sharing information Microsoft Security Essentials if it is perceived as competition.

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