Monday Morning Blues [09th Nov 09]

Here comes Monday and it starts a new week for us here at rtBlogs. The previous week has been quite a busy week with the launch of our new blog WpVeda. Also a post I have written at DW got referred by a reputed tech blog website called Computer World. 🙂


WpVeda: A new blog about WordPress

WpVeda is our new blog on rtBlogs network and dedicated to WordPress. Why wordpress you might ask? But this is a blog which will not cover daily news about WordPress instead will be a playground for ideas and projects around WordPress.

The concept of WpVeda germinated with an idea to have an internal wiki for rtCamp employees. We felt later that giving our developers a public forum to showcase their talents would be more inspiring and hence now we have WpVeda.

Pleasant Surprise

At the cost of looking like I am blowing my own trumpet I must share with you that Deepak Jain last week noticed that a post I wrote on DW about Microsoft Security Essentials was featured with credits in the popular tech blog Computer World. It was shared as a part of various views on Security Essentials by Richi Jennings a independent consultant who writes for Computer World.

Top Posts

We did not get a many posts from our guest authors for DW last week, so in this section I have included a couple of posts from WpVeda which you might find interesting along with a post of mine which has got most comments over the last week.

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