Microsoft Surface RT tablets priced at 499$

Back in June, Microsoft unveiled Surface RT, a really well designed tablet which will apparently run Windows RT, that’s the tablet version of Windows 8.

They haven’t talked much about pricing then, but today, Surface RT was put for preorder in the Microsoft store. Here’s how the pricing looks like.


The 32GB version of Surface RT will start at 499$, without Touch cover or Type cover – both of them are sold separately. The Touch cover costs 120$, while the Type cover is 130$. There’s also a 64GB version of Surface RT which will be priced at 699$ (that’ll include Touch cover too).

The pricing is inline with that of iPad (which is not a good thing), whose Wi-Fi only versions start at 499$. The only reason why one would go with a Surface rather than an iPad, is Touch cover – it’s a pressure sensitive, multi-touch keyboard which also adds for protection. Type cover on the other hand, is just a physical keyboard.

Microsoft has got a lot of work to do with Windows 8, including luring developers into the OS ecosystem, as none of the traditional Windows apps will work on Windows RT.

They have also aired an advertisement, calling it as ‘The Surface Movement”.

Source: The Verge

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Jeet October 17, 2012

I think the price is little higher