Microsoft to Launch Windows 7 on October 22

clip_image002Software giant Microsoft has finally announced that their latest version of Windows OS- Windows 7 will be available at stores in the US starting October 22, 2009, ahead of all expectations. Microsoft had earlier mentioned that it expected Windows 7 to come out “within three years of Windows Vista.” This would have meant early 2010.

Last month, Microsoft released a nearly final version of Window 7 – Windows 7 Release Candidate and encouraged feedback from the users to test the capabilities of the OS and fix the bugs. The OS was praised for its stability and for avoiding problems that plagued Vista. Microsoft says that Windows 7 will be replacing the much maligned Vista, and will be available in time for the holiday shopping season in October.

Microsoft also says that they will also be offering discounted or rather free upgrades to Windows 7 for people who buy a new Windows Vista PC shortly before Windows 7 arrives. However, we don’t yet know when this upgrade program begins or how much Windows 7 will cost.

Microsoft will be talking more about their international plans for Windows 7 soon.

(Source: MS Windows Blog)


Gautam June 3, 2009

October 20 = My birthday
October 22 = Windows 7 Release

Now tell me who would give me windows 7 (optional – with new laptop :P) as a gift 😛

Rahul June 4, 2009

dude mine to 18 OCT..haha.

i have window 7 beta version. its good.