Minimize Firefox Window to Tray using Add-on! [Firefox Tip]


Many a times, I thought how wonderful it would be if there was an option in Firefox to minimize the window to tray icon as in some other applications like Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, etc. But I forgot it then, thinking it may not be possible to do so.

But I was really happy to know that there is an add-on for tweaking firefox this way. 🙂 MinimizeToTray add-on for Firefox 3 is an add-on which would help you minimize your browser window to the tray icon. Not only Firefox, it will also help you to do this for Mozilla thunder bird as well.

But it is an experimental plugin and is kept under observation, so you need to have an account in Mozilla before you can install it.

Links: Firefox | MinimizeToTray add-on

[Via The Digital Life]


Gautam February 10, 2009

There is really no use of this until your taskbar is always flooded with other applications. 😛

Dnyanesh Mankar February 10, 2009

You can minimize any application to system tray by using a open source software called as RBTray. (Allows you to minimize windows in the tray area on taskbar by clicking right mouse button on the window’s minimize/close box or from system menu or from window’s system menu, or by Win-T hotkey. Allows to set any window in “Always on top” state from window’s system menu.) This piece of software is very useful and highly recommended.

@Gautam: I completely agree with you. If your system tray is flooded then it is not easy to find your fav app.

Solid Blogger February 12, 2009

We all are habituated with firefox getting minimized to taskbar. It’s easy to start using it from there. Now this is a bit insane to send it to system tray area as tray area is always flooded with system drivers, messengers and other tools.

alok February 16, 2009

pretty useful

Praveen March 14, 2009

This addon is really useful…
Thx for ur Share…

Harsh Agrawal March 24, 2009

Useful add on..
Specially when I’m at work 😉