Merging Multiple PDF Files into One [How-to]

mergepdf Again this tutorial is something I realized to write about when I felt a need of it for my personal use. Actually few days ago, I wanted to merge some of my PDF files into a single PDF file. I was tinkering in Devils Workshop thinking some of my co-bloggers must have made an entry about it here. But I didn’t find anything relevant and it is then, I felt writing about it, so that, my visitors atleast won’t be in trouble some time in the future. 🙂

After Googling for such a tool, I came across an online tool- Merge PDF, that helped me merge my PDF files too easily and importantly for free. 😉 Just head over to and you will be asked to upload the files that you need to merge. Upload the PDF files in the order you want to merge them, and it will immediately merge them and provide you the download link of the merged file. Isn’t it how easy to merge PDF files even without any PDF editors installed?

Link: Merge PDF


Solid Blogger February 12, 2009

Yaar deepak, kahan kahan se dhund ke laate ho yeh sab ifo! 😛
I must say you are having all that it takes to be a pro blogger. Keep on working mate. All the best.

@ Topic : If you want to merge PDF files offline, then you can get this tool here. It can merge, split, convert PDF documents. An all-in-one tool for PDF documents.

Lal Badshah February 12, 2009

You might want to try following command line freeware, instead of commercial software.

Mel October 17, 2009

I would be very worried about sensitive documents your documents are saved on a server! Yikes…

There is a neat little program that will do exactly this – merger pdf files. Download Bulk File Merger to your desktop and bang out hundreds of pdf files quickly. I merged over 200 complex pdf files in a matter of minutes. This program also merges csv, excel and text files.

If you need a Mac version, I think it’s called Excel File Merger…