(Mobile) – Snake – High Score Crack!!!

This is for all Nokia’s Symbian series SNAKE lovers…(n cracker too)…
If you ever cared about high scoring in this game then you are at right place…The game have a file “Snake EX HighScores.dat” in phone memory under “systemdata” directory.Complete Path : “C:systemdataSnake EX Highscores.dat”Open this file in any Hex-editor…
(I used SelQ i.e. system explorer v. 1.8 which have built-in HEX-editor, ASCII-editor, Unicode-editor.. kool na)

Before editing, lemme tell you how to interpret this file…
(The file will always have 10 records.)

For each record-

1. First field, 4-byte for SCORE.
2. Next 2-byte for length of Player Name.
3. Then actual Name in Unicode Format. (this mean u can write your name in any language)

Now, to change your score you just have to edit first 4-bytes.
The score in signed long int i.e. 31-bit so you can score up-to 2147483648 (2^31).

while changing the name of player I suggest if your name is shorter than the actual name of player then just pad it up with spaces.

If your name is longer then you have to edit second field, and also in this case the editor you are using must allow u to insert few more byte in file.

The best part of all this is that the file is neither encrypted, nor it ends with CRC code so u can be somewhat careless when altering the content.

Of course d rule of thumb – always make backup while messing up with your data.. 🙂


Mohammed Sawaf.M.I.V May 31, 2008

I’m using nokia N70(ME)..I use teashark browser to brws with airtel but i can’t dwnld or sve pictrs with this so i dwnldd UCweb brwsr but it dsn’t workng(d strt up rgstratn & initialzatn fails to conct)

Rahul Bansal June 3, 2008

@Mohammed Sawaf
I have n70 too. I use opera-mini. Its fast and free.
Also whenever some stuff need to be downloaded it opens it in n70’s default broswer.
So I guess opera-mini will work for you… 🙂

RAVINDER RANGA June 17, 2008

I have spice700 but when it do’nt download any ringtone

Rahul Bansal June 17, 2008

Sorry bro never used any spice handset so all I can say just go and google.
Check this article for some google secrets so that you can get what you want… 😉