Motorola’s “Moto X” Features Leaked in a Video

Motorola’s “Moto X” features were leaked in a advertisement video by Rogers Wireless, a Canadian telecom company. The features seem to allow the phone to listen to voice commands at all times even when the phone is idle.

While the rumour mills work overtime about specs and features on Motorola’s high expected phone “Moto X”, Google has still not really showed off this new phone officially. There was an event expected on the 11th July, but Google had quickly denied it was anything to do with Moto X.

The advert on Moto X (image below) showed that we can expect heavy customization options. But Rogers Wireless, a Canadian telecom company has leaked a advertisement about the new phone with some interesting features.

MotoX Invite

While Google Now is already baked into Android, it seems Moto X will ship with some features borrowed from Google Glass. It will continuously listen to the users for commands. In other words, to ask Google for a search while the phone is idle, it will only require a hands free voice command to the phone.

Another feature that seems interesting are icons displaying the type of notifications your receive while the phone is idle, which allow you to sort of ignore check the phone for every type of notifications.

Here is a leaked video of the Rogers Wireless advertisement

While these features seem to work with “Moto X” – I am guessing that the phone will also feature a new version on Android, possibly Android 4.3.

Do watch the video and drop in your comments.

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