Mutual Communities – Know how alike you and your friends are! Orkut Dating Tips!

After reading a persons profile on orkut the next place to look for more information about a person is his/her community list!

The more no. of community a person joins more predictable he/she becomes as people join communities out of interest (or hate)! So information like favorite disc, schools, actors, music, etc can be easily recovered from communities!

But when you bumped into a profile with 200 or more community its hard to analyze and go through all! Next best thing could be if somehow you can figure out mutual communities i.e. common to just two if you! Well today this best thing has happened!

Now how to use this as a dating tip…

  • First go to a persons profile you think could be a nice date…
  • Next click on view communities button in bottom-left side!Orkut Profile View Communitites
  • Next go to mutual communities!Mutual Communitites
  • Now if larger the no. of common communities you have, higher is the probability that you and this person have similar interest!

One thing orkut could do to make this better is showing mutual communities on profile page itself like they show mutual friends!

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