New Attack on orkut! User gets logged out by just opening scrapbook!

Hackers discovered most serious bug on orkut and that’s too orkut’s most accessed area – scrapbook!

What makes it most serious is that this time user do not need to click or perform any action anywhere to trigger vulnerable codes.

Many users suffered from this. Most of them getting logged out of orkut by just visiting their own scrapbook. Worst they can not delete blank or suspicious scraps either! 🙁

The bug is not fixed yet and this can be used by malicious hackers to gain access victims orkut account so details about this bug will be posted after it gets rectified, till then lets use following solution to save yourself!

Objective: Blocking flash content [on orkut atleast]  Flashblock

# Firefox User:

Internet Explorer:

  • Go to the Tools Menu -> Internet Options
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Click on Custom Level
  • Disable Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins



Additionally delete scraps from your scrapbook if you are getting logged out of orkut on just visiting your own scrapbook!

Thanks Kee Hinckley for timely post on issue!


mankie December 22, 2007

thnx devil!!

Rahul Bansal December 27, 2007

First Sorry for late reply as I went offline for Xmas vacations! 🙁

Now its really good to hear from one of oldest Devil here… 😉
By d way not hearing much about u…
If you missed it… we have opened this blog so that anyone can join and post now!

wishin you merry xmas and a very happy new year!

shitu December 28, 2007

this i not a bug you can also block scrapbook by going here

Rahul Bansal December 29, 2007

How do u define a bug?
And your post has same code as in this post! 😀

meha July 23, 2008

i can’t able to post scrap,in the left most bottom it says -javascript void 0,but i have even enable javascript still having same stupid problem since 6 really have to sort out my problem as soon as possible.otherwise i will become bad towards orkut.

Rahul Bansal July 24, 2008

6 months is too much…

Try this thing first with 12 hours gap atleast…
Log into your account from different PC or browser and try to post a scrap.
If error comes again, then it means your account is disabled by Orkut.
In that case you can only delete it and create a new account. 🙁

Also the problem is not with orkut. Its problem with your PC and some virus/script on it.

Narendhran February 22, 2009


when i am using orkut i try to upload my photos i got some error like javasript:void(0); and i cant upload my photos.i did the internet options security level.please give me some solution

Thanks and Regards

SandeeP June 7, 2009

hi buddy… yaar i have a problem i cant scrap upload pics etc… all javascripts links i cant use… i trY from another pC… from their i can send but not from mine computer… i use many browser and many times reinstall the mozilla firefox… but it nots work… but wen i reinstall the firefox then it works for 1-2 min. but after tht the problem cumes again… do u knW abt this problem???

Rahul Bansal June 16, 2009

You system seem to be infected with virus