New Google Search Feature – Live & Recent Cricket Scores are just One-Click Away!

Just type cricket in a Google search box and you’ll see a brief score of all the current cricket matches. A single click will also give you access to a detailed cricket score card. (see following screenshot…)

Google Search Feature - Live Cricket Scores are just One-Click Away!

If you’re a diehard India fan, then type cricket india or cricket score India England to get results for Indian matches. Of course, feel free to replace India with the country of your choice for country-specific results.

If there is not any live match going on the search will return most recent matchs’ scorecard link!

Also one thing Googlers forgot to mention on their blog is, the results are simultaneously available from three sources Cricinfo, Cricbuzz & Willow. So look at green un-clickable link in result (in above screenshot its and if its not the place where you enjoy cricket then look for clickble blue links just below it for alternate resources (in above screenshot its Cricinfo, Cricbuzz & Willow).

Thats it! For time being enjoi Twenty-20 worldcup! And in a break let us know where you enjoyit most, i.e. Cricinfo, Cricbuzz, Willow OR some other site?


Anish Shah September 14, 2007

This feature was initally lauched by, which was copied by google!!

Rahul Bansal September 18, 2007

Sorry for late rep Anish!
I guess its just coincidence as Google anyway trying hard to woo Indian consumers!

Moreover Google done that fantastically compared to Guruji! And personally I feel Also Guruji is so small that Google may not know about its existence yet! 😉

Anuj K Saxena December 11, 2008

Nice feature looking forward to download it

Thanks yaar

Google Terminator November 16, 2009

Very cool feature. I will have to check that out.