New in Gmail Labs: Covert Google Mails into Google Docs

gmail-logo1 Just activated the newly launched labs feature in Gmail: ‘Create a Document’. Using this feature, you can easily convert any mail in your Gmail inbox into a Google doc and immediately start sharing them with your friends or even publish it on the World Wide Web (WWW).

Gmail_Gdocs As you can see on the image here, immediately after enabling the ‘Create a Document’ feature under Labs tab, you can view another option on the right side of all individual mail, clicking which, would divert you to Google docs with the whole contents of your mail on that page.

Just for experimenting, I tried making a document out of a mail in my mail box and here is the final output that I got just within fraction of seconds. Though, like many other labs feature, this feature too will not be used many a times, but will really prove helpful and useful when you want to share a specific mail in your mail box with a huge number of viewers.

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