New Sports Calender with Google

Google Calendar is a great online tool by Google especially if you have to remember anniversaries, birthdays, important dates and public holidays 😉
It does come with a very handy choice to use country specific public holidays. Whats more you can even share the calendar with people on your Gmail list.
Now Google has added something to it which I really love and that is a Sports Calender.


  • It allowed me to create a new calendar and add dates of the sport I followed.
  • The sports that are covered are Baseball, Basketball, Football (American), Hockey, Rugby and Soccer.
  • Its obviously made with an eye to US and UK as there is no option for Cricket as yet.
  • Its quite easy. Create a calendar and Save it.
  • Select the sport (check the above pic) and click the league your favourite team is playing in and then the team is displayed. Click on subscribe and you are set.


Google calendar shows all the matches with their timings for the specified team. Hover over the Date and click on the even and it gives a brief summary of the Match. (example show in pic above)


vivek jain September 16, 2009

thanks man…no missing the matches from now on. 😀
missing F1 in sports category.