StarDates in Google Calendar.

I dont know how many who follow Devilsworkshop are Trekkies but if you are one then you will love Google Calendar showing Star Dates.

What is a Trekkie?

A Trekkie is a fan of the TV series called Star Trek. This series was a huge rage in the US during much of the 1970s. A Trekkie was almost another word for a geek in American culture as Trekkies all over the world would often start fan clubs which would end up discussing technology based on the futuristic series.

What is a Star Date?

Star Date was used in the TV series Star Trek to show that it was set way into the future when humans had stopped using the conventional Gregorian Calendar. Google with its recent penchant for aliens and space, one can safely assume a lot of people working in Google are Trekkies. šŸ˜‰

Google Star Date


  • Google Calendar’s Star Date shows a unique format which is not used in any of the Star Trek episodes. For instance today’s date September 22 2009, becomes [-28] 01895.00.
  • Something interesting is that everyday the number goes up by 05.00 and that means tomorrow it will be [-28] 01900.00. When it reaches [-28]09995.00 the next day will be [-27] 00000.00.
  • This means that [00] 00000.00 is approximately 55,800 days from today. That seems to be somewhere close to 153 years from now! Thats somewhere in 2162 AD. That is the time-line of the Star Trek: First Contact a movie set in 2162.

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