Offline Gmail May Soon be Released for iPhone Users! [Breaking]

iphone gmail Offline Gmail for iPhone! How does it sounds? Cool.. right? Yes, if you are a iPhone user, then this feature (Offline Gmail) may soon be rolled out for you if the talk with Google engineer turns out to be true. This guy named Vic Gundotra heading the engineering team at Google demonstrated offline Gmail for iPhone at the World Mobile Congress (WMC).

If you are a Google loyalist and follow their activities, you must be aware of the fact that recently they launched Offline Gmail for PC users and there were really good review of this feature that worked using Google gears. But for iPhone, report says, offline Gmail will work using HTML5’s AppCache and Database standards.

Here is what an article at Tech2 reads:

As of now reports are saying that Gundotra had stated that this was just a "technical concept" right now that essentially depends on HTML5’s AppCache and Database standards, that would have the application as well as all the user data on the handset.

Though, there is no official release about support for Offline Gmail for iPhone users, but the above report points that this feature will surely be rolled out for iPhone users in the days to come. 🙂

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[Image & Info Via Tech2]