More Orkut Themes Released!

In my recent post published just 3-4 hours ago at Devils Workshop, I was talking about the old fashioned Gmail and Orkut themes that were making its users irritated. But if you are fascinated about themes feature, then its party time for you. 🙂 After the release of customizable colors option in Gmail, even Orkut have got 3 brand new Carnaval themes. Here are a glimpse of all the three newly released Orkut themes.

Characters of Carnaval: Characters of Carnaval

Carnaval in Rio!: Carnaval in Rio!

Elements of Carnaval Elements of Carnaval

Hope with these additions in their themes library, Google team will soon come up with theme creator that was being launched for iGoogle users a few days ago.

Thanks Sreejoy for the information. 🙂

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