Online sharing made easy with F1 add-on by Mozilla Labs

Share link of the page you are one with F1 add-on from Mozilla Labs. F1 supports Twitter, Facebook and Gmail accounts.

Firefox is the browser of choice for me when it comes to blogging. I like Chrome a lot, but Firefox still has that huge number of Add-ons which makes Firefox truly customizable. Just a day ago I wrote about the RockMelt browser which is a browser which I found useful for sharing links. With F1 add-on, Mozilla makes sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail very simple.


F1 add-on features

  • F1 makes it easy to share things with Twitter. It also automatically uses a URL shortener from
  • This add-on makes sharing links on Facebook quite easy, as the link was inserted automatically and I just had to type in my message.  The drawback was that I could not customize my link to be shared with only specific group of friends on Facebook.
  • Finally a simple Gmail button that lets you share the link of the page you are on and also write a custom message. I could also remove the link and simply write in an email. Gmail app account email accounts cannot be used with this Add-on which is a drawback.

The point is that F1 from Mozilla Labs helps sharing quite intuitively. Also considering it’s a labs feature on Mozilla we might see this feature as a default on with Firefox 4. Hopefully by then this add-on will truly be able to help out a lot more.

Here is a nice video about F1 add-on.

Link: F1 Mozilla Labs

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Ya ofcourse…..Firefox always rocks with its extra doubt in it…..