Realtime Visualization of Invisible Sites that Track Users

Do you know that when your browser connects to a particular, it can also connect to other invisible sites which users have no idea about. For example, Facebook runs its Javascripts of another domain which is Sometimes these invisible sites also track your usage and store information about your browsing activity. Collusion is a […]

Get Incompatible Firefox Addons Working in Aurora and Nightly Builds

Sometimes, I just feel, Firefox is a bit too orthodox, you need to restart after almost installing any add-on and the add ons that work in the stable version may not work in the newer beta versions. Bloggers like me would definitely want to try Aurora or Nightly builds but actually none of the add […]

Use Official Twitter Address Bar Search for Firefox 4

Twitter has released a new Firefox add-on which will help people use Twitter as the default search engine on their Firefox 4 browser. Most people have Google or Bing as the default search engine with their Firefox browser. Users can download Twitter Address Bar Search add-on, and it works with latest version of Firefox for […]

Firefox Announces List of Slow Performing Addons

Firefox 4 was supposed to be revolutionary and in some way with certain features like Panorama, Firefox did make some advances. The biggest advantage for Firefox has been browser add-ons and the developer community around it. Chrome has recently stole the thunder when it comes to browser. Chrome has a simpler interface devoid of clutter […]

Feedly – Firefox add-on to view feeds

Feedly is a Firefox add-on which displays all your subscriptions in a magazine-like layout. You need to activate this add-on with your Google account, following which it automatically loads in all your Reader settings on one page. With neat tabs, and predefined groups that you may have created on Google Reader.

A Web Designer Guide of Top Firefox Addons

A web designer must have following extension for better productivity. It improves ones coding or debugging speed. Many complicated task are solved at a few clicks.
Firefox has a chain of hundreds of Addon, in which I have collected a list of most essential Firefox extension which every Designer must use to boost their productivity.

SwitchHost – Firefox Add-On To Manage Host File

Firefox is one of the best browsers today because of its additional features such as add-ons and extensions. SwitchHost is one such useful add-on on Firefox which is used for editing your system host file. With the help of SwitchHost, you don’t need to search where the host file is located on your system. All you […]