[Online Tip] Stop Google from Tracking Your Data on Chrome Browser!

Google might have several online properties but the single most important one it has is obviously its search engine. Almost everyone types in keywords to search for stuff they need online. So how does Google make money? They simply show relevant text ads, which might interest you while searching. Once you click on their text ad, Google makes money. This sort of simple revenue model has created a multi-billion dollar industry.

How does Google knows which advertisement to show you?

That is quite simple, all it does is track your search patterns thanks to your browser. This allows Google to show newer and more relevant ads to you. This of course increases the chances of people clicking on the ads which subsequently makes Google billions.

If you do not want personalization of ads on your browser, use Keep My Opt Outs Chrome extension, which does not allow collecting data from your browser.

Features of Keep my Opt Outs Extension

  • Many times we get prompted for Chrome permission warnings. The extension still does not allow tracking any of our records.
  • This is done by now allowing cookies to be stored from websites. This conforms to web privacy standards.
  • We can do this all by tweaking Chrome preferences for cookies or even checking http://www.google.com/ads/preferences for making sure we do not get personalized ads.

Are you someone who does not mind Google tracking your information for showing preferences? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Keep My Opt Outs

One Comment

Frank Terry January 26, 2012

The new announcement from Google is that the opt out is no longer available. I’ve made sure Chrome is not installed, and have blocked Google as a search engine. There are search engines that don’t rely on tracking your browsing history for revenue.