[Dhiti] Free Widget to Get Visitors to Discover Content on Your Blog!

Dhiti_logoA couple of days ago, I installed a widget or gadget (depending on weather you use Blogger or WordPress) from Dhiti which is mainly a content discovery engine. This allows visitors to discover content in a novel and interactive way. I found Dhiti a very useful service, especially if you are a new to blogging and want your readers to engage and look up more content.

There are many ways to show favourite and popular links on a blog, but with Dhiti, as it has crawled your site we get a more instinctive way of discovering new content.

Features of Dhiti

  • Dhiti is basically a widget we can have on your blog. The first thing to do is , allow Dhiti, to crawl your blog’s content.
  • This content then is displayed in an interactive way which might make your visitors to stay longer on your site.
  • Another feature allows  visitors to select content they liked reading and save it. This allows showing more preferred content in the widget.


I decided to check out Dhiti, on my personal blog. I was quite surprised to see an email from Dhiti, telling me to have the widget not on the side column of the site but at the footer. Having it at the footer would have made the widget appear a lot more uncluttered.

This was done proactively and atleast when it came to a free service, I had not seen such proactive support. 🙂

If you have a new blog and want a new interesting way for visitors to look up more content try out Dhiti on your blog. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Dhiti Widget


Gourav @ BlogLiving March 21, 2011

Yeh Aditya Bhai, I also tried this widget myself and I too posted on this widget. The widget is free which is the biggest plus point and the other greater part is the interactive support provided by the Dhiti guys.

You would be glad to know that they will soon provide Revenue Generation which would be optional.

Aditya Kane March 21, 2011

Thanks interesting, I did not know they would provide Revenue options.

Gourav @ BlogLiving March 22, 2011

I even didn’t knew that earlier. I was later notified about it 🙂

krishna March 21, 2011

yeah this widget is looking nice to me, I must give it a try, Thankyou for this great post

Aditya Kane March 22, 2011

Thanks. Try it out and let me know your experiences on it.

vinu March 22, 2011

This tool is a cool one.I tried it on my site.
But if they got CSS styling option too ( which they say will be implemented soon), it will be a great addition to workaround.

Aditya Kane March 22, 2011

Yes, the widget is cool and with new features it could be really big!

henks March 25, 2011

this must very cool widget… i’ll try this at home…. 😛

Aditya Kane March 25, 2011

Thanks for commenting Henks, Do let me know your experience after you used the Dhiti widget.

Blog May 6, 2011

Thats good way to attract traffic. I heard by installing alexa help to improve rank and traffic. So i installed it in my all pages lets us see.

Aditya Kane May 6, 2011

I am not sure how Alexa could help in terms of traffic but it might help with the rankings. But best indicator for such traffic is your very own Google Analytics.

Jason June 23, 2011

I think dhiti has to reinvent and bring something unique to the table. There are zillion companies which are into this content discovery domain. The user experience is not smooth compared to other conent discovery tools.

Riya December 21, 2011

Hi Aditya, I’ve just activated Dhiti plugins in my site (WP). Its really great to have this type of plugins to rediscover my own contents. My visitors will also enjoy my site more. But I’ve few doubt regarding this. Is it illegal to use this Dhiti in site where Google AdSense is used? I’ve searched and found your Dhiti article hence asking you the same here. Also let me know will I face any Suspention or ban from AdSense?

Aditya Kane December 21, 2011

@Riya: As far as I know, there should be no problems with Adsense. But you can contact Dhiti for more clarity on the issue. Dhiti widget does not do advertising but mainly shows your own post links.

Riya December 23, 2011

Thanks a lot Aditya for your response. Yes I’ve found that Dhiti is showing relavent posts, links, keywords collecting from my own site and helping visitors to more engage in my site. Its really great. Anyway I’ll also contact Dhiti for more on Adsense issue. Hope there’ll not be any bad issue 🙂 BTW, yours devilsworkshop.org is fabulous and full of good stuffs. Keep it up… Merry X-Ms 7 HNY 2012.

Aditya Kane December 23, 2011

@Riya: Thanks. Do update us if it has any issue with Adsense and Dhiti, so we can update the post! Merry X mas and Happy New Year to you too. 🙂