Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 to Launch Next Week!

If you are a smartphone user, probably I don’t need to tell you much about Opera’s popularity. For those who are not aware, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile are, the world’s most popular mobile browsers and are available for almost every platform.

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The new launches by Opera Software will be:

Opera Mini 6: BlackBerry, Android, Series 60/Symbian and J2ME phones


Opera Mobile 11: Android, Windows 7, Symbian and MeeGo phones
There is another news in the air that even an Opera Mini preview to be released for iPhone and iPad users.

CTIA 2011: Opera Release

Venue: Orange County Convention Center [Orlando, Florida]

Dates: March 21- 24 , 2011

Here is a demonstrating Opera Mini 5.

I know you all must be using Opera especially if you are a Smartphone user. Though I am not sure if Android buddies too use it, do you? Do post your comments.

Source: Opera Press Release

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