[Rumour] Facebook Buying Opera Browser

Usually most discussions around browsers revolve around Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Opera actually has never been very popular as a browser but it has a very loyal user base. According to Pocket-lint, Facebook is rumored to be in talks of buying Opera. This would mean Facebook would have it’s very own browser. Opera is […]

Opera: World’s Fastest Browser?

We almost lost the count on release candidates, when opera came out with 4 release candidates yesterday! Testing its speed, fixing various bugs and optimizing the browser for windows environment were all a part of updates that were made in various Beta updates, so as to make user experience smooth. After launching nearly 7 release candidates for its Windows web browser, Opera released Opera 10.50 final today, that claims to be the fastest browser in the world.

Opera 10.10: Combination of Opera Unite & Opera Turbo

Seems like the war between all the social networking sites is now spreading to the Web browsers! If you are one of those users who are tired of the monopoly shown by Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc , go ahead and try out Opera`s latest offering – Opera 10.10. We promise you, the other […]

Free File Sharing from Opera

Worried about sending files through an email, or a single file being too large to send by an email? Not any more says Norway’s Opera! Opera, a couple of days back, introduced free File Sharing – a simple and safe way to share files directly from your computer. The new service is a part of […]