Organize Facebook Friends into lists (Groups)! [New Facebook Feature]

If you have too many facebook friends and have really tough time managing them then cheer up buddies! If you haven’t noticed yet then move to friends page on facebook and a small banner will welcome you as shown below….


Yep, its completely redesigned friends page! And "Make a New List" option is on right side…


In just two steps you can create a list!

Step 1: Click on "Make a New List" option and select a name for list..


Step 2: Add friends to the list…



Also if you want to rename the list there is edit link near list name!

Considering facebook’s 5000 friends limit on a account this option will really help you to manage many task easily like…

  • you can forward a new opening in you company to a list
  • you can invite all close buddies to your birthday party
  • you can ask for help to all geeks in one go…
  • …and the list goes on…

I wish the list should be extended to facebook apps API so that many application can make use of it. Almost every facebook application at some time forces you to invite friends to use that application. It will be great if we can use lists there. This will surely result in less spam and will be highly convenient as for different apps you want to invite different set of people!

One last important thing… The lists are private! So you can user all imagination to speed up listing of your friends! 😉


Link: Facebook Friends Page

One Comment

mike August 31, 2009

You forgot one other bullet point:

◘ You will get identity theft in a matter of months.

Social Networks are extremely dangerous and I would never EVER recommend that anyone partake in them.