Bloggers Dominated Forbes 2007 List of "25 Top Web Celebrity"!


First if you are hearing phrase "web celebrity" for the first time, then “Web Celebrity” is a person famous primarily for creating or appearing in Internet-based content, and for being highly recognizable to a Web-based audience. That definition excludes people who were significantly famous before they hit the Web. [source: quickonlinetips]

Now coming back to the topic, Forbes released the second of its kind – list of top 25 web celebrity for year 2007. Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton (real name: Mario Lavandeira) topped the list. What I like most about the list is dominance of bloggers and also name of my favorite blogger Darren Rowse on the list!

Below is filtered list of bloggers who made it to the top 25. Not all of these are full-time professional blogger but they blog and thats what makes them blogger! 😉

Note: Numbers in brackets indicates their rank in the list. And bloggers with bold description are from my RSS reader!


You may be wondering what I have filtered as list is almost complete with 19 names out of 25! :O

This just shows how blogger are dominating the websphere! 🙂

Links: Forbes Article | List in Slideshow format

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