Orkut Added Photo Tagging Feature!

On lines of facebook, orkut added photo tagging feature to their social networking site. Using this feature now your friends can tag you in group photos.

Below are steps, how to do this….

#1. Go to any photo you have uploaded, you will see add tag link below it…

orkuts photo tagging feature 

#2. Click on add tag and you will get a cross-hair mouse pointer. Select your friend you want to tag. Type his name in Add person tag box. Select your friend and click save.

orkuts photo tagging feature 

Next time when anybody visits your friend profile, they will see photos of him option apart from normal photos uploaded by him. Similar photos of me link is present on your orkut homepage.

orkuts photo tagging feature

What about privacy???

Don’t worry! This time orkut really did great job for all people concerned about their privacy on social-networking sites. You can disable this feature completely by changing photo tagging setting on privacy settings page.


Earlier Orkut rolled out status update feature similar to facebooks’ status update feature. It will be great if they officially integrate google talk into orkut on similar to facebook chat feature.

Thanks sauravjit for tip… 🙂

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