Orkut Community Search Feature is Broken

Looks like orkut is having really tough time maintaining their codes after quick launch of so many new feature in last few days.

After recent bug in communities page, another related feature, community search is broken. Following is screenshot of a community search I performed

orkut - Community Search Feature.jpg

If you have noticed it, the navigation links are missing, so you can not check all search results. Shown below is screenshot of working navigation links…

orkut - Community Members Navigation.jpg

Technical Stuff…

Problem is in CommMembers.aspx file which is responsible for navigating and searching community members. Also there seems small error in code, as navigation works with view all members options but it breaks only when you do a search on members list.

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Joydeep Dey July 15, 2008

Thanks for bringing this up!

Rahul Bansal July 20, 2008

Your welcome buddy… 🙂
This feature is fixed now.

bhavyank h contractor September 26, 2008

Hi my name is bhavyank,i have made a community in orkut calles “Krishna Heart Institute”, But when i m going to search it in to the seacth box then, i shows some messages like “There were noresult for krishna heart institute,do u want to make new community for this name?.
so will you please tell me why this is happend,while my community is already exist…
please reply me soon if possible….

Rahul Bansal September 26, 2008

I guess this may be related to new orkut bug.
By the way, don’t take orkut seriously. If you want to create a serious forum, go for own setup. 🙂