Orkut Forum is Launched!

Dear Friends,We are glad to inform u that finally OrkutForum is Launched.

Well before going ahead lemme make it clear that this is no-way affiliated with orkut.com! But its free like Orkut!
Its on free web host and board is donated my one of our team member chetan!
So it wil run forever without any subscription!
Great na!!!

Now All it needs is ur contribution! So share ur orkut knowledge there!

Here is the link!


yep its on now!


  1. There is no fear of Orkut TOS violation as it is not affiliated with orkut!
  2. Our No spamming policy wil take care of keeping it clean! So u no need to bother about staying beautiful! lol 😀
  3. Greater control available to all members!
  4. Hopefully we will have all orkut geeks like mythical cmd, vijay bhaskar, DearthEater, karaki, Nick and others soon there to help u! (P.S. If u r an orkut geek, plz join ASAP to contribute!)
  5. U can choose to get email notification for posts regarding ur fav topic.
  6. We have a really great search feature which orkut communities lacks and we are integrating our fav. Google Search soon!
  7. n finally its OUR!!!

Thanx 4 joining in advance! 🙂
-Rahul Bansal
(Orkut Forum Team)