Orkut Moved Adsense Ads Above The Fold!

A bad update for all Orkut users!

Orkut started showing adsense ads above the fold now. This is at the place where you used to see “my friends”.

Orkut is showing Adsense on top!-2.png

They have shifted “my friends” section below. Orkut was showing adsense ads from last few month but earlier they were below “my friends” block.

orkut showing google adsense ads on home

If you find this is irritating you can use AdBlock firefox extension. You will get ad-free internet not only from Orkut, but all sites! 😉

Thanks Deepak for the screenshots! 🙂


Deepak Jain May 21, 2009

I think your friend, Vijay must be credited too for the screenshot 😉

admin May 23, 2009

Screenshot from Vijay is from an old post and I think i have given credit to him at that time 🙂

Gautam May 21, 2009

Adblock removes the ads. But this script removes the ad column.

alok June 8, 2009

Well is there any working method to know e mail of any orkut user???