Check AdSense Earnings Quickly with Chrome Toolbar

If you are running a blog which displays text Ads, then chances are you are using AdSense to monetize. I know many bloggers who check their AdSense earning everyday to carry out their future plans. There are many unofficial AdSense Add-ons and other tools but Google has recently rolled out an official extension. This extension […]

Get Adsense Revenue Sharing on WpVeda

This is a cross post from – our blog dedicated to WordPress.

More than a year ago we announced a new blog in our rtBlogs Network called WpVeda.

WpVeda is a blog on all things WordPress. WpVeda has mostly been updated by our development team with tutorials and tips on WordPress. Many DW regular visitors might be aware of our Adsense Revenue Sharing Program. We have decided to make Adsense Revenue Sharing Program is now available with WpVeda.

Google Rolls Out NEW AdSense Interface!

After more than 4 years, I guess, Google has finally revamped blogger’s favorite advertising network Google AdSense. I just logged into Google AdSense to see new interface waiting for me. Below is screenshot of our new Google AdSense dashboard… (click on image above to see it in full-size) I will update this post once I […]

Tips for Getting Google Adsense Account Approved

After a lot of waiting I finally got my Adsense account approved yesterday. I had bought a domain some six months back and was trying for an Adsense account since then. But every time my application was rejected with a message “Unacceptable site content”. When I got this message for the first time, I thought […]

How to Set up Google custom search to make money online

Thanks to every one who gave some feedback and suggestions on my earlier post. How we can add a Google custom search on your blog and make money with it. Do you know that every time a user searches for something in your blog makes money ? Step 1: – Click here to open the […]

Integrate AdSense In Your Blog’s RSS feed

Google Adsense is a service which almost every blogger on the earth uses. For some it’s the primary source of income. With Google Adsnese, bloggers earn money by placing Google Ads on their blogs/website. Whenever users click them, the blog owner gets paid by Google. Adsense is one of the best revenue generating program for […]

Got any suggestions for Adsense? Post them to Google

A lot of publishers have complaints against the adsense system. Be it analytics, accidental clicks or just plain ‘same ads appearing on the same page’, there are a lot of issues that adsense members want to reach across to the adsense team. And here’s your chance now. For the next two weeks Google Product Ideas will take in suggestions for adsense from anyone having a valid adsense account.