Our Journey with AdSense Ends!

Update: July 3, 2013

Our reader Rajat informed that the ban was lifted. AdSense team also confirmed the same with following reply:

Adserving has been enabled for your site. Please allow up to 48 hours for ads to start showing again. The site was taken down because the Policy team was undertaking an exercise to try & prevent old blacklisted sites from re-entering the network via new pubs who take over the sites.

Not sure, how to decrypt their message? Can you decrypt it?

This is first time I am writing a post this year (2013) on Devils’ Workshop. And I have some bad news!

It looks like our domain devilsworkshop.org is banned by Google AdSense. We did not get any email or any confirmation from Google AdSense as yet. But AdSense dashboard is showing zero earning for me and few guest bloggers since yesterday (June 25).

I thought it is better that I tell you about this myself, no matter how bad it may sound.

Banned (or not banned)

I talked with few blogger friends, and they are all very sure that Google AdSense team sends email when they ban domains/accounts.

Since we did not hear from Google AdSense about this we are clueless. We did not get any email or any warnings in our AdSense account about this. But I used Amit Agarwal’s AdSense Sanbox tool and also another tool bannedcheck.com. Both tools say AdSense ban is there!

So for now, we are assuming DW is banned!

What we don’t know is – if this ban is temporary or permanent.

How it might have happened?

It looks like a guest blogger on DW abused AdSense terms. May be he/she clicked on own ads on own article displayed on devilsworkshop.org.

It might be possible that Google AdSense contacted him/her about incident but the person did not reply hence AdSense team might have banned entire domain.

Google AdSense Fault

I believe before banning a domain, Google AdSense should contact domain owner. A single domain can have ads from multiple accounts. Its wrong thing to punish everybody for mistake of one miscreant.

I already wrote to Google AdSense but its highly unlikely that they will reply to a relatively small site like DW!

Possible Workaround

While working at rtCamp, I have encountered many cases, where blog owners changed their domain name because old one was blocked by AdSense. So a certain workaround is to change domain name for this site.

But this solution is not acceptable to us. Changing domain is a kind of decision which must come from inside and backed by some sane reasoning. This domain is part of our identity. We cannot change it for few bucks!

Also, what if Google AdSense bans new domain as well? We refuse to let Google detect how we run our affairs.

So we have decided to live with the ban rather than changing our domain just for the sake of Google AdSense.

How will this affect us?

This is the first question Aditya asked me. Well answer is bit long so let me divide it in sections.

About financial loss

As you may be aware, DW is run by rtCamp. In terms of revenue, DW’s contribution to rtCamp’s revenue is around 1%. So financially, rtCamp can afford to run DW without AdSense or even without ads.

In fact, sometime back we even thought about going ad-free. That is why we removed BuySellAds, Technorati, Kontera, etc. But AdSense stuck here as it was used by many guest bloggers under revenue-sharing program.

So financially it will not affect DW or its team – editors and pay-per-post authors. It might affect guest bloggers though.

About Revenue-Sharing Program

Back in 2008, when guest authors started contributing to DW regularly, we started “Your Posts. Your AdSense Ads.” program. In that program, guest bloggers were given opportunity to run their Google AdSense ads on their blog posts published on DW.

Before starting it, I discussed about risk-involved with Amit Agarwal through his forum, other users at AdSense forum and bloggers friends about possible risk. Getting banned was the number one risk we were considering back then.

As Google AdSense is no more here, “Your Posts. Your AdSense Ads.” program closes automatically. Of course, if Google AdSense rectifies their mistake, then our revenue-sharing program will be back.

To Old Guest Bloggers

First, I want to thank you for all contributions you have made to DW in last 6-years. Its a long time fellas! 🙂

Next, I personally apologise to everyone whose AdSense ads were running on DW. It is beyond my control to reach AdSense team and get this issue rectified.

As your AdSense ads were showing directly on DW, I have no idea about how much monetary loss this will result on your side.

But, in case you have a feeling that DW let you down, we have thought about few ways to compensate your loss as listed below. Feel free to suggest your ideas using comment form below. I did not get enough time to think about this aspect in details.

Moving your posts to your blog

If you wish to move your articles to your own blog or any other blog of your choice, please let us know.

  1. We will generate WXR file of your posts & comments which you can import on other blog.
  2. After that, just send us list of old-DW URL’s and URL’s on new site.
  3. We will setup 301 redirection on our server. We will maintain these re-directions till DW exists.

One-time Compensation

If you are tracking AdSense revenue from DW Channel, then you already have idea how much you are earning from DW. If you do not have your own blog or do not want to go with above option, then we can compensate you in the form of rtCamp store coupons.

We are planning to offer $10 credit for every published post.

rtCamp Store is small as of now but within 6 months you will see nice premium WordPress themes & plugins. Good thing about coupons we will provide is:

  1. They will have NO expiry date.
  2. You can share them with anyone. In fact resell them at lower price to convert them for real bucks!
  3. You can use a coupon till its balance/credit lasts across multiple purchases.
  4. If your coupon value is high, you can request multiple coupons of smaller values.

Sticking Around…

I don’t know about copyright laws much, but whatever you have contributed should be owned by you. So your posts on DW will be yours.

There is no rush to make a choice. You can decide any-time.

Those who like to stick to DW, without AdSense, are more than welcome to do so. 🙂

To AdSense

Its a bitter feeling to be honest. The part where you did not care to inform domain owner.

But I thank you for allowing us to run AdSense revenue-sharing program for almost 6 years. Had we got banned back in 2008, my life could have been made a lot more difficult.

So dear AdSense, I will always remember your critical role in shaping my life. Thank you for that! No hard feelings here.

Check AdSense Earnings Quickly with Chrome Toolbar

If you are running a blog which displays text Ads, then chances are you are using AdSense to monetize. I know many bloggers who check their AdSense earning everyday to carry out their future plans.

There are many unofficial AdSense Add-ons and other tools but Google has recently rolled out an official extension.


  • This extension can allow users a quick peek into their AdSense earnings. It displays the earnings for the particular day, from previous day and the current month and the previous month.
  • Download the AdSense toolbar from here. You will need to grant this extension access to your AdSense account. You might not want to do this on a shared computer or a public one.
  • It also displays how much money do the custom type of Ad banners along with websites.

If you are curious about AdSense you might want to check out this guide to getting your AdSense account approved.

Also if you are new to AdSense you might want to go read about this checklist which helps you master AdSense.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: AdSense Toolbar for Chrome

Get Adsense Revenue Sharing on WpVeda

This is a cross post from WpVeda – our blog dedicated to WordPress.

More than a year ago we announced a new blog in our rtBlogs Network called WpVeda.

WpVeda is a blog on all things WordPress. WpVeda has mostly been updated by our development team with tutorials and tips on WordPress. Many DW regular visitors might be aware of our Adsense Revenue Sharing Program. We have decided to make Adsense Revenue Sharing Program is now available with WpVeda.

This will allow all Guest Authors on rtBlogs Network to write on WpVeda and make money from our Revenue Sharing Program.

The idea is simple. Your posts, your Adsense Ads on the blog.

If you have already written articles on WpVeda and then click here to activate your Adsense Ads on WpVeda. You will also get information on Google Ad Color Settings. 🙂

If you are new to blogging or want to join up our network as a guest author but do not have the time to keep up a blog. Do join our network and earn 100% Adsense revenue on your post with your Adsense Ads.

[Annoucement] Adsense Revenue Sharing Program is active

We started this blog about a year ago to blog about all things WordPress. Currently WpVeda has mostly been updated by our development and blogging teams with tutorials and tips on WordPress. Generally we avoid displaying Adsense Ads on new blogs. Now we have reached the stage were we can go ahead with Adsense Ads being displayed on WpVeda.

We have also now activated Adsense Revenue Sharing Program on WpVeda.

WPVEda Adsense Revenue Sharing Program

This will mean that you can write a post for WpVeda and can earn 100% revenue of the Adsense Ads displayed on your post.

Join rtBlogs Network as a Guest Author and visit this link to activate your Adsense Ads on WpVeda. You will also get information on Google Ad Color Settings.

You will be getting 100% revenue earned from Adsense Ads on your posts with WpVeda.

Google Rolls Out NEW AdSense Interface!

After more than 4 years, I guess, Google has finally revamped blogger’s favorite advertising network Google AdSense.

I just logged into Google AdSense to see new interface waiting for me. Below is screenshot of our new Google AdSense dashboard…

(click on image above to see it in full-size)

I will update this post once I am done with exploring new AdSense user-interface. Updates are added below now.

New “My Ads” Section

New ad-units management simply rocks. Its neat, clean, easy to navigate and extremely well-organized. (See screenshot below)

Performance Reports with Graphs!

I hardly get time to check our Google AdSense account, but as far as I remember old AdSense didn’t have any charts or graphs in performance reports section.

New AdSense interface adds graphs to performance reports on similar lines like Google Analytics! Means you can select timeline and configure reporting parameters with simple clicks!


In any interface redesign project, generally we need some time to get used to with it. Here I see absolutely zero learning curve. It’s so intuitive that in less than 10 minutes I got comfortable with everything.

Also thank you Google for giving me early access to new adsense interface. 🙂

You can read more about new AdSense interface on official site.

Help !! I Clicked My Adsense Ads By Mistake


I wrote about a couple of days ago on some tips to get your adsense account approved. Once you have got it approved, you must be careful that you don’t click on your own ads since this will result in a permanent ban from Adsense.

But it is human to make mistakes and it is possible that you might click your ads by mistake. Will Google ban your account for this one mistake? Will you lose all the money you have in your account?

Don’t panic. If it is an honest mistake you don’t have to worry. Google understands that “Accident Happens”. In its official blog Google says that we do understand that an accidental click may occur from time to time, so there’s no need to contact us each instance this occurs.” Read the complete article on official Adsense blog.

Google closely monitors all the account activities, and when it detects a click from the publisher on his ad, it does not count them treating them as an accidental click. It assumes that you will be more careful after making a mistake and accidental clicks from you will reduce to zero. But if you continue clicking your own ads even after making a mistake, Google will realize that you are doing it intentionally to make some quick money. So avoid the temptation of committing “honest mistakes”. No one knows how Google monitors these clicks and so it’s better to be on the safer side.

How can you reduce accidental clicks?

One of the best ways to reduce accidental clicks is to not allow the ads to display when you view your website. You can do this by using Ad-Block Plus, a firefox add-on that disables advertisement from websites. You can disable the ads only for your site or for all the sites based on your preference. Read more about Ad-Block Plus for complete details.


There may be scenarios where you want to know who the advertiser is. Instead of clicking on the ad check tools like Adsense sandbox, which displays sample ads based on your site.

I still want to contact Google to be on a safer side

If you had accidentally clicked your own ad, and want to contact Google , use this form to notify Google. If you feel some jealous soul is clicking on your ads liberally to get your account banned, include the traffic stats and ip address of recent visitors.

If you are honest with Adsense there are many legitimate ways of using Adsense in different ways like including them in your RSS feeds which can really earn money without trying to break rules.

Do tell me of other tips you have which can be helpful in avoiding clicking on your own Ad-Sense links by mistake.

Tips for Getting Google Adsense Account Approved


After a lot of waiting I finally got my Adsense account approved yesterday. I had bought a domain some six months back and was trying for an Adsense account since then. But every time my application was rejected with a message “Unacceptable site content”.

When I got this message for the first time, I thought there had been some mistake since my site has all the legitimate content. With time I realized the reason behind the rejection and also gathered some useful tips which can increase the chance of approval of your application significantly. Some of these are pretty obvious while others do not occur at the first thought.

But before that let me clear that “Unacceptable Site Content” does not necessarily mean you have written something which is in Google’s black list. It only means that your site does not follow one or more of Google’s Terms and Conditions.

Tips for getting Google Adsense account approved

  • Apply with top level domain i.e. instead of applying with www.mywebsite.com/blog, apply with www.mywebsite.com.
  • Apply only after your domain is at least six months old. This is necessary to ascertain that you are not a spammer.
  • In this period of six months, try writing as much good and original content as you can, which will help you get traffic.For if you don’t have a decent traffic there is no point having ads on your blog. Also concentrate on getting backlinks from top sites by writing guest posts and commenting on do-follow blogs. You can read some nice tips on link building to get an idea. Since Google generally updates page rank once every three months, this is the time to get a decent page rank, which will indirectly help you in adsense approval. Read how to optimize your blog for a better page rank.
  • When providing personal information in Adsense program, use the same information which you have used during domain registration. This is necessary because Adsense team verifies it with the whois data of your domain.
  • While registering try to go for at least 2 years registration because this again ascertains the fact that you are a serious blogger and not a spammer looking to make some quick money. Spammers generally register their domain for 1 year.
  • I don’t say that if you have registered for 1 year, Google won’t approve your request. But you will definitely be eyed with suspicion.
  • It is difficult now to get adsense approval for blogs with .blogspot.com attached to it. Even if you blog on blogspot try to use a custom domain. It doesn’t cost much. Godaddy, Ilovethisdomain and Namecheap are some good options to consider.
  • If even after following these tips your account is not getting approved, try to apply through other established services like Google Knol, hubpages etc.

Hopefully after following these tips you’ll be able to get your Adsense account approved. But once approved do not click your own ads as this will result in a permanent ban from Adsense.

Once you are done you can look up how to show Adsense with Blogger and showing Adsense Ads on WordPress blogs.

Do write in your comments and share with me what you think are best practices for getting your adsense account approved.

How to Set up Google custom search to make money online

Thanks to every one who gave some feedback and suggestions on my earlier post. How we can add a Google custom search on your blog and make money with it. Do you know that every time a user searches for something in your blog makes money ?

Step 1: – Click here to open the Google page,this page will provide a option for creating a custom search.


Step 2: – Login with your Gmail account.

Step 3: – Fill all the related information, and follow the instruction

google custom search main

Step 4: – You will see the congratulation message on your screen. Click on finish. And a confirmation email sent to your email address.

Step 5: – After clicking on finish button a windows appears like this

google custom search_mod

Step 6: – The next windows looks like this,new you have to chose look and feel from Control panel section.

google custom search_code

Step 7: – In this stage there are so many options you have but I’ll suggest you to choose I Frame option.It will return you separate code one is for search from and another is for search result.

google custom search_final_code

Final and Last Stage: – Now you have the Google custom search code,copy it and place it on searchform.php and search.php or follow the inactions.

google custom search_final

Now is the time to start making money with your custom search engine. Click on the Make Money menu which appears on control panel. When you are building Google custom search, you have a option to add Google Adsense ads in the search result pages and you can customize this by displaying ads above the search results or on the right with different options like – Above & Right, Above & Below etc and you can select the right format based on your search results section width and design. You have two options.

  • I am a new AdSense User(for those who are don’t have adsense account)
  • I already have an AdSense account.(for those who have already a AdSense account)

I am a new AdSense User: – Click on it and you will be redirected to a Google page were you can create one. After you have created your account you can follow the steps. google custom search_money1 I already have an AdSense account: – When you will click on this link Google will ask you for your email, your Zip or Postal code and your all information. Enter all the information and press Submit. google custom search_money2

Before doing this, you have to be signed up to Google AdSense for Search. If you aren’t already, you can do so by signing into your AdSense account and selecting My Account and then Account Access. Now you have to allow access from http://www.google.com/cse/ to your AdSense account. Then try clicking Submit in your search engine page and all should be fine. If you haven’t done it right, you will get an error saying: “Your account does not have SearchAds. Make sure you are signed up for AdSense for Search and not just AdSense for Content or Referrals.” Now click the link Add Custom Channels so you can filter the revenue that comes from the Search Engine. Choose a channel name. I choose Dw_channel (Search Engine Revenue). Click Submit.

google custom search_chel

More information about channels can be found here.

Do let us know do you use adsense custom search to make money from your blog?

Integrate AdSense In Your Blog’s RSS feed

Google Adsense is a service which almost every blogger on the earth uses. For some it’s the primary source of income. With Google Adsnese, bloggers earn money by placing Google Ads on their blogs/website. Whenever users click them, the blog owner gets paid by Google. Adsense is one of the best revenue generating program for blogger.

We guess, you are well aware of how to place Adsense ads on your blog. Today, we are going to tell you how you can integrate Adsense ads in your blog’s RSS feeds and get some extra cash by clicks on them.

To setup ads for your RSS feeds, navigate to the following link after logging into your Adsense account:


After that, you’ll be greeted by Adsense for Feeds dashboard. Here, you can choose from various options for ads according to your convenience. These options are:

  1. Name : The name for your ad unit
  2. Size : The size of your ad unit
  3. Ad Type : Text or Image Ads
  4. Frequency : How rapidly you want your ads to be displayed
  5. Post Length : Here you can tell google, for which post length, ads are to be displayed
  6. Position : You can set position for your ads here

After customizing options, you can add your channel to the account and burn the feed.

That’s it. Adsense is now configured for your RSS feeds and readers, who use feeds to read the contents of your website would also be treated with ads. Another way to get some extra cash 😛

How ads look in feeds:


Got any suggestions for Adsense? Post them to Google

Google-product-Ideas-753081A lot of publishers have complaints against the adsense system. Be it analytics, accidental clicks or just plain ‘same ads appearing on the same page’, there are a lot of issues that adsense members want to reach across to the adsense team. And here’s your chance now. For the next two weeks Google Product Ideas will take in suggestions for adsense from anyone having a valid adsense account.

Continue reading “Got any suggestions for Adsense? Post them to Google”