Orkut Planning for Major makeover! Adding Photo Upload Support to scrapbook!

Last week we started discussion – Why Orkut removed user pics from its homepage Logo???

It seems Orkut heard about our conversation (i know its stupid 2 imagine… lolz) and confirmed that they are coming with a new look! This turn out Pramod Ghuge prediction to be true as he said in his comment on above discussion,

Orkut is gearing up for a new look and great new features
it is not a coincidence that new logo was unveiled at the same time that most users can send rich content scraps (images, flash, html)so definitely Orkut want to make the public feel like its newer and better!

Good guess Pramod! πŸ™‚

Well we have more! Although Orkut said the new look will take time to reach all users we managed to capture few screenshots of one such feature. The feature will allow you to upload pics directly to the orkut scrapbook!

Look for “add photo” link in scrapbook. It is below the textbox for writing scraps. You can also check following screenshot.

Add Photo to Scrapbook

Now once u click on the link you will get a wizard as shown in following screenshot… (click on image to enlarge it)

Upload a picture on orkut

No we have not yet got new looks of orkut!

If you have noticed in above screenshot there is only cancel button on screen which is also not working yet! Forget about OK or Upload button!

By the way you can still send images, videos and other content in scrapbook!

Lets see whats coming… πŸ™‚