OrkutFeeds Supports Orkut Communities & Topics Feeds now!


If you missed about our latest OrkutFeeds project then we launched it a week ago for orkut scrapbook feeds.

With nice response and many requests specially from our readers in Brazil, support for Orkut Communities & Topics feed has been deployed today! A week earlier from planned schedule.

Now you have in total 3 options…

  • Subscribe to orkut scrapbook feed
  • Subscribe to orkut community feed
  • Subscribe to any particular topic feed from a orkut community

Also following things has been updated….

  • Subscription form on OrkutFeeds homepage now accept any valid URL from Orkut. You can just copy-n-paste any Orkut URL now and we will server you relevant feeds! πŸ™‚
  • GreaseMonkey Script (Install Link) also changed so that it will show subscription links whenever you visit any Orkut page that can be subscribed!
  • Also changes has been made to javascript bookmarklet.

Finally let us know if we are missing something!

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Gandalf March 1, 2008

Thanks, this feeds will be very useful. I ask in the Orkut Groups but Google ignores this function for many years. I used the service of NGCoders until it ends, now i was very grateful for this service.

Rahul Bansal March 2, 2008

Your welcome buddy! πŸ™‚

srikanth April 20, 2010

Is your above description to add feeds to orkut still valid? it doesnt seem to work when i added….