Orkut’s Most Advanced ‘Scrap All’ Till Date

logoYes, today we are discussing the most advanced and the only working or better we say properly working orkut scrap all friends script. Yes this is not a script this time, rather it’s a webpage developed by orkutplus. I have tested it personally and it’s perfectly working without any bug or error. You can find this Scrap All here .

Everything related to this Scrap all are given on the same page that’s why we are just giving a brief introduction of it. The Scrap All is a webpage where you have to enter your personal account details like username and password but don’t worry this site is totally secured but still you can read their privacy policy here.

This Scrap all will send scraps non-stop to first few friends then you have to add captcha for each scrap but it’s quite simple to add four letters of captcha then posting a scrap.There’s a choice by which you can send scraps to selected friends or first few friends. This is really a nice tool and every orkut freak should check it once.

Link: Orkutplus Scrap All