Apple Wins: Samsung gets Patent Bill of $1 Billion

Steve Jobs was famously quoted in this biography by Walter Isaacson, that he was ready to go thermo-nuclear on Android for ripping of the iPhone. If not themo-nuclear, it has atleast won this first battle indirectly against Android by winning a patent case against Samsung. A

But Android is a software and Apple probably did not have enough ammunition to really sue and win against Google. So they went after the Android phone manufacturers. Today, a U.S court has ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05 Billion in compensation for violating several patents.

This will surely be a big dent in Samsung’s reputation. Samsung has not yet revealed if it will challenge the court’s ruling.

Google will join the Patent Wars!

Many observers and experts feel that the patent system in the US is flawed or broken. This has actually led to large companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google to aggressively acquire patent portfolios. For instance Google purchased Motorola last year and now Motorola has already sued Apple for patent violations.

Motorola wants to restrict the import of iPads and iPhones into the US. If Motorola succeeds it will pretty much shut down Apple from selling their products in the US.

The patent system is supposed to protect innovation and not force companies to spend billions trying to buy large enough patent portfolios and then end up suing and counter-suing each other.

What are your views on patent wars between tech companies? Do drop in your comments.

(via Gizmodo)