Play Games in Google Chrome with Gadget Runner Extension

If you love to play games but don’t prefer to download games on your system and or it’s not allowed in your office to download games then you can easily play games in Google chrome browser. No downloads are required you just need to use a Google Chrome Extension called “Free Online Games @Gadget Runner” which allows you to play games in Google chrome.

I prefer to use this extension because it is best way to relax yourself and get refresh from work. You can play different games of your choice whenever you want with just a click. By default there are 10 games loaded in this extension:

  • Sim Taxi
  • Urban Sniper
  • Overlord
  • Lethal Racing
  • Mini Pool2
  • The Bee
  • 9-Ball Clear-Up
  • Solitaire
  • Bowling
  • KeepUps

If you want to play more games you can add the games from You can download “Free Online Games @Gadget Runner” extension from the official website.

Once you will install the extension, you will get an icon on “Top Right Side” of the browser. You can use your system’s mouse and arrow keys to play the games.


It gives you option to pause and start the games, thus even if you have few disturbing people around you while you are playing the game you can take pause and resume the game again. It also shows your  best scores and help to learn new games.


It is fun to play games in Google chrome because the quality of games is very good which all game lovers will enjoy.

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