Playboard: A better way to find good Android apps

None of the top Mobile OSes have good app stores. If you’re an iOS user, you’re stuck with iTunes, one of the most bloated software ever (even on a Mac). Also, the recent card-like layout in App Store which shows only one app at a time can be really irritating.

Android is no exception for this problem. There is a need for better way to find apps – that’s exactly what Playboard wants to solve.


The main difference between Playboard and Google Play is that, the latter ranks apps based on algorithm which is the automated way, that’s why you see a lot of spam apps getting into apps charts.

Playboard on the other hand, depends on its community. If you want to contribute to its database, you can register for it and start making ‘boards’ which contain apps of a specific type. Kind of like Pinterest boards.

There are a lot of boards to follow, from well-designed apps to paid games gone free.

If you’re a blogger, you can even embed boards as widgets in your site. That can be useful especially if you maintain an Android dedicated site.

I find the overall experience to be better than AppBrain and other Google Play alternatives. You can access it either via the Android app or through web app.

Link: Playboard