Get Popular Screenshot App Skitch Free on All Windows Platforms

I do not use own a Mac but some of our authors do (namely Vibin and Rahul). I am very happy with Windows but if there was one Mac software I really wanted on my Windows, it was the image editor Skitch. Skitch is great to take screenshots, add arrow pointers, text in different colors. Overall I found it was a great app for taking screenshots and as a blogger, I end up taking an incredible amount of scree shots.

A couple of days ago, I upgraded to Windows 8 and started looking around for some image editors which were free. To my surprise I found Skitch app for Windows 8.

Staying consistent with offering a free app on other platforms, Skitch also can be downloaded as a desktop version for older Windows version. It is supported on Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7.

Skitch Features

  • Skitch offers the option of taking screenshots and editing image files.
  • It is a Evernote product and hence we can directly store screenshots on Evernote accounts.
  • The functions are simplistic like using pointers, adding text to images, blurring out some part of the image and other basic functions like cropping, resizing and highlighting.

I would recommend Skitch highly for taking and sharing screenshots mainly as it is available free on many platforms. It is supported on Mac, iPhone, Android and now Windows.

Do try out Skitch and drop in your comments.

Link: Download Skitch


Vi vek November 5, 2012

Awesome tool indeed. I prefer skitch over the in-build image editor on OSX.

Ankit November 10, 2012

7 Capture is a lot better, I guess. *Though no editing option is available*
It’s simple, small and I use it 😉