How to post animated status on Facebook

Unlike Google+,Ā  Faceboook don’t allow it’s users to post animation on their profile or anywhere else on their website. But we know that impossible is nothing in this world. Let’s see how we can post an animated status on Facebook. šŸ˜‰

I just found a profile posting .gif animations with it’s status updates. These animations are not full images rather these are just some smileys but animated ones. I tried contacting the profile owner but he simply refused to tell how he’s doing that. So unfortunately we can only share these statuses without any editing.

How to share animated statuses?

Check out this profile’s wall

Click on the profile above and check out cool animated status updates shared by him. Click on the share button with every status he shares and post it on your profile as a status. These statuses are not customizable but are really good and you can share it without any editing as he’s not using any particular name with those statuses.

facebook animation

Alternate way:

If you can’t see the share button with a status click on the time when the status was posted like “39 minutes ago” posted below the status. Click on that link and then share it with your friends just like you share a normal post or link on Facebook.

animated facebook

Have more Facebook hacks? Do share them with us! šŸ™‚


bibzworld August 14, 2011

der are bunch of fb apps dat helps us to post status updates with gif… search it man šŸ™‚

Sauravjit August 15, 2011

I know that but for your information your friends can only see that animation if they have the same app installed in their profile else it would be considered as spam. šŸ™‚
As you can see, this method only requires sharing of a post so no apps and no useless spamming!

jaideep singh kohli August 15, 2011

which applications sj?

Sauravjit August 16, 2011

Applications as in?

Sithin Sony August 17, 2011

if ya notice all those posts are made from facebook mobile… so i gues its a hole in any of fb mobile app let dem post gif……

Sithin Sony August 17, 2011

n also, all dose gif are hosted in fb servers…..

Sauravjit August 17, 2011

Exactly, any mobile app of Facebook partially hacked it!

mohit tyagi August 27, 2011

it is Facade Toggle Emoji app of fb

Sauravjit August 27, 2011

Application spams, that why we don’t recommend it to our readers.

Eng Mohammed Alkurd August 29, 2011

do you know what is this application