Prepare to update to Firefox 3.6 next week.

On Friday, 16th October, you should be able to upgrade to Firefox 3.6 beta version. Firefox 4.0 will be released next year and 3.6 will be a step in that direction. A lot of add-ons which currently in Mozilla Labs might be integrated with Firefox 4.0 and the upgrades with 3.6 seem to be moving in that direction of integration.


Some of the things you can expect with the upgrade.

  • Themes: Some tweaks which will allow users to have themes being applied to browsers and not make the browser too slow. Often its been the case with themes that browsers become slow or crash often. So Firefox 3.6 plans to make them lightweight so as to not compromise the working of the browser.
  • JavaScript:One of the worries for Firefox could be how it compares with Chrome when it comes to performance based of running Java Script. So expect faster Java Script handling.
  • Session Restore: I have not seen my Firefox 3.5 crash too often except a couple of times. Session Restore does not really help. Its not smooth but looks like that will be address with Firefox 3.6.
  • Miscellaneous: Some other things are being tweaked like better synchronized bookmarks and a smoother page loading. Also make its browser more friendly with CSS technology.

Link: PC World


sauravjit October 9, 2009

My FF 3.5 was full of session crashes 🙁

Aditya Kane October 9, 2009

Lets see if the same happens with FF 3.6.. next friday.

Gaurav Agrawal October 10, 2009

Beta Version had few crashes, but Final version is pretty good.
Atleast it crashes much less than Chrome.

I think Opera has one of the best session recovery….