Learn HTML with the help of Mozilla Webmaker

Before I was a blogger, I was not exactly into HTML. I know a smattering of HTML and found W3Schools as a good resource for someone who is new to learning web designing. Mozilla has launched Webmaker, which actually allows users to get regular tutorials and projects that will teach coding and designing for the […]

Firefox to have Google as Default Search for 3 more years!

I was reading how Firefox might run out of money to develop their browser as their deal with Google was coming to an end. Some noted, that with Chrome around, Google might not want to make it easier for Firefox to raise money on a revenue sharing basis. Google is the default search engine on […]

Boot to Gecko: Mozilla’s New Operating System!

Mozilla has plans to build a new open sourced OS for the open-web. This OS project has been named Boot to Gecko. The operating system will be yet another new platform in the already over crowded mobile platform market. Boot to Gecko will be obviously looked upon as a competitor to Android as both will […]

Learn Web Development with Mozilla’s School of Webcraft for FREE

Mozilla is set to begin a new training program for web-designers and developers in Jan 2011 for students and professionals, which would provide a 100% free developer training resource run in partnership with the Peer 2 Peer University.

Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate is out

Firefox two days ago announced that it is coming out with a release candidate (RC) version of Firefox 3.6. Previously you might have read up on Firefox 3.6 beta version update. Now with this Release candidate version Mozilla will probably start the transition towards version 3.7 and the much awaited and hyped Firefox ver 4. […]

Firefox 3.5 – Two times faster than 3.0, Ten times faster than 2.0!

Mozilla released Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate 2, which you can download from Mozilla’s Web site. Release Candidate 2 is the first version of Firefox 3.5 that average users might want to run, since it’s faster and more stable than the beta versions were.

Firefox plugin to measure height and width: MeasureIt

Measure It is a Firefox plugin which will help you to measure the height and width of any element of a page. This tool is very useful for bloggers and web developers to see the exact dimension of any element or block on a web page.

Bloggers can take help of this tool to set the alignment of their web pages.