Preview an Email Before Opening it on Gmail!

If you use a tablet, the Gmail interface is a lot different from the browser version. An advantage of the tablet like interface is that, we can preview an email before we open it.

When time is in short supply, it is helpful to get a quick preview of an email to check if the mail should be read or left unread.

Enable Preview Pane on Gmail

  • In Gmail Labs, look search for Preview Pane and enable the lab experiment for your Gmail account.


  • This will enable your Preview Pane on your Gmail layout. Now look up your Inbox and check the right-hand corner at the top, we get an option to toggle split-screen. Clicking on it once, will allow you to preview emails without opening them.


  • Finally you can preview your email. Under General Settings you can set the time for a email to be marked ‘Read’ to ‘Never‘ if you do not intend to use this layout as default. 😉


So what do you think about this new innovation from Gmail. There was a trick to use to get the tablet view on Gmail with your browser, but option with toggle makes it a simpler.

Source: Gmail Blog

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udaydeep August 5, 2011

finally gmail has the preview email..