Browser Wars: Chrome is the Only Browser with Growth!

The world of browsers has changed over the past few years. If you notice, most new features and updates are about Chrome in the blogging world. Firefox and Internet Explorer do get covered but a lot less.

This has been reflected in the growth of Chrome, along with the decline of Internet Explorer. Firefox seems to be stagnating and even declining a bit in the past six months.


Last year Internet Explorer was at 51% and has steadily declined to 42% by the end of July 2011. In the same time-frame, Firefox which was at 31% has also declined to somewhere around 27%. Chrome which was at 10% is now sitting at an impressive 22%.

This mean Chrome is the only browser which is actually growing.

Why is Chrome so successful?

Unlike Firefox and IE, which treat their browsers versions as reinvented new software released once a year, Google treats Chrome like ‘work in progress’. Small updates are made periodically every few weeks.

Chrome also has continuity for its users because of small but many updates. When people upgraded to Firefox 4, there was a big change from the UI of the browser to other features. The same could be said about Internet Explorer 9.

At the moment it seems like Chrome will soon become the most used browser, unless IE or Firefox comes up with something really different.

What are your views on the growth of Chrome and the decline of Internet Explorer? Do drop in your comments.

Source: statcounter


gaurav August 5, 2011

seems you get paid to promote google s/w, esp. chrome

Aditya Kane August 5, 2011

@gaurav: I am a fan of Chrome, and hence I do promote new features and updates about it. Also we are not that big as yet, that Google will pay us money to promote their products. 😀

Srinivas August 7, 2011

Google aggressively promotes their browser via advertisements.That may be the only reason behind it’s growth.

Aditya Kane August 7, 2011

In that case, the pre-installed IE browser should also keep growing. Not suggesting Chrome is not marketed but that cannot be considered the only reason for its growth.

rajat August 11, 2011

minimalist design , more viewable space, Faster boot up , speed dial , download in same window , easy editing of history [ 😉 ] and incognito browsing are feature for which i like Google chrome.